At InstruTech we operate on the strong belief that the ultimate measure of quality is to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Over the years we have built our reputation for not just delivering world class products but also world class customer service.  We believe when you contact InstruTech you will experience a superior level of professional sales and technical expertise starting from the initial contact through the quotation / order process and the after sale support. 

Our customer service mandate is to:

  • Make it easy to reach our sales and technical support staff
  • Respond to all inquiries in a timely and professional manner
  • Understand customer's needs and their processes
  • Offer standard or custom solutions
  • Be flexible and courteous
  • Deliver high quality products that meet published specifications
  • Provide good clean aesthetics, packaging and documentation
  • Be the market leader in short delivery cycles (often a few days)
  • Be the market leader in on-time delivery

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