Vacuum Measurement Instrumentation for Thin Film Deposition Applications

InstruTech provides extremely reliable vacuum measurement products with multi-functional features at very attractive prices. They offer a variety of vacuum gauges or controllers which will prove invaluable for controlling vacuum processes related to thin film deposition. Thin film deposition is vital to a wide variety of coating processes such as glass, optics, solar, display, and web coatings.
Some of the common vacuum deposition processes include:

  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) – high-temperature vacuum evaporation/condensation to deposit a vaporized form of the desired sputtering material onto the surface.
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) – deposits thin films from a vapor state using chemical reactions caused by the creation of plasma between reacting gases. This allows for surface temperatures that are much lower than traditional CVD. Tight control of CVD processes is critical for high yields and lower costs.

InstruTech vacuum gauges, controllers and modules provide highly reliable vacuum pressure measurement and control solutions throughout the spectrum of vacuum processes used today. Vacuum measurement technologies available from InstruTech are convection enhanced Pirani, hot cathode Bayard-Alpert and cold cathode double inverted magnetron ionization gauges. Products using these technologies have been developed at InstruTech by a team of vacuum technology professionals who have been designing and manufacturing vacuum measurement and control instrumentation for more than thirty years. Our experience and expertise will provide you with the most advanced, yet affordable vacuum measurement instrumentation available today.