IGM402 Hornet™ Hot Cathode


IGM402 Hornet is the first modular miniature hot cathode Bayard-Alpert ionization vacuum gauge capable of operating 1 ionization and up to 2 convection gauge sensors simultaneously. The pressure measurement range of the IGM402 is 1.00E-09 to 1,000 Torr.

The IGM402 can combine the vacuum measurements from the ionization gauge and one of the convection gauges to provide full range vacuum measurements from high vacuum to atmosphere, or simply operate the ionization gauge and the 2 convection gauges as individual gauges.

IGM402 is available with various fittings including NW16KF, NW25KF, NW40KF, 1 1/3 in. Mini-Conflat, 2 3/4 in. Conflat, 3/4 in. O.D. Tube (O-ring compression) and 1/2 in. Cajon 8VCR female.


  • Full measurement range of 1.00E-09 Torr to 1,000 Torr
  • Built-in controller with bright 3-channel OLED digital display
  • User programmable display units in Torr, mbar or Pa
  • Operates 1 ionization and up to 2 convection vacuum gauges
  • Significant cost savings in controller, foot-print, cabling and sensor replacement
  • 3 analog outputs and 3 setpoint relays
  • RS485 serial communications
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Standard warranty of 18 months
IGM402 Hornet™ Hot Cathode Optional 24 Vdc Power Supply

Optional Power Supply for IGM402

Trademark Acknowledgements listed in the IGM402 Data sheet.