WGM701 Wasp™ Cold Cathode Pirani


WGM701 Wasp is InstruTech’s new full range vacuum gauge module which combines an inverted magnetron cold cathode with a pirani vacuum gauge sensor in a single device to provide pressure measurements from 7.60E-10 Torr to atmosphere. The pirani sensor is used to measure the pressure from atmosphere to 7.60E-03 Torr. The cold cathode sensor is then automatically activated and takes over the pressure measurements down to 7.60E-10 Torr.

WGM701 is available with various fittings including NW25KF, NW40KF and 2 3/4 in. Conflat.


  • Full range measurement of 7.60E-10 to 760 Torr
  • Built-in controller
  • Ultra-low magnetic stray field
  • Compact small foot-print
  • Low maintenance replaceable insert
  • Reliable fast sensor activation
  • Log-linear analog output and digital input control
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Standard warranty of 2 years
Wasp VDC power supply