At InstruTech we continually measure our performance through continuous customer dialogue as well as customer satisfaction surveys. Here are the most recent comments from some of our customers:

„The designers seem to have thought of and implemented everything they could pack into the B-RAX 3300. It is capable of more than the much larger controllers we currently use. In summary, this unit is superior to any vacuum gauge controller I have used. What truly amazes me is that InstruTech is able to provide such a unit at a very attractive price, much like your other products. The B-RAX 3300 user manual is the most informative and practical I’ve read. It’s as if I took another course in gauging. Nearly all aspects of the controller are covered with sufficient detail. The detail is so great the writer goes through analog output scale and gauge/gas calculations, as well as provides gas correction tables. These are uncommon and nice additions. This manual could almost be made hardcover for one’s vacuum literature collection.”
Manufacturer of photomultiplier tubes
„Very thorough, easy to work with and a product that has shown great resiliency in a difficult environment (EB welding). I have had the opportunity to send the CVG101 convection gauge and the VGC301 controller for calibration to a source I use for NIST calibrations and yours went through with flying colors!! Within 0.5% of the original values!”
A customer using InstruTech in an electron beam welding process
„One of the guys here at the lab bought a VGC301A and the CVG101GC set up. Small yet right on the money and very convenient. I would like to get a few of these to use as both foreline measurements for my turbos and for when I rebuild rough pumps in my shop. Great product!”
Research laboratory
„We have been using InstruTech products since 2009. We found their product was easy to incorporate into our OEM product and the performance is comparable to the previous gauges I was using. The space saving on the B-RAX controller helped us be more efficient in our cabinet design. The product, service and support is one of the best we have experienced among all our vendors.”
Manufacturer of vacuum furnaces
„InstruTech products perform in an extremely reliable manner, with very consistent performance. As an OEM, we need to provide quality products to our customers and InstruTech fits that need. Customer service is outstanding and lead time is short. Overall, InstruTech is a tremendous vendor to deal with.”
Supplier of industrial vacuum systems
„We have been very pleased with our InstruTech gauges! We use them in a variety of quality and performance testing of High Vacuum Systems and they work great. Because of the I/O configuration on the IGM402 system, we are able to have a gauge setup that completely controls itself from atmosphere to High Vac.”
Rebuilder of turbo molecular and cryogenic pumps for the semiconductor industry
„I’m sending InstruTech’s supplier ratings report for the quarter. Your support is really impressive and I need to stress it again.”
Manufacturer of vacuum components and systems
„I have been dealing with InstruTech for a number of years now and I have found their products performance and reliability to be of the highest standard. As well, their customer service staff is very knowledgeable and extra helpful in assisting with technical questions and deliveries.”
Technology company developing alternative fuels
„The vacuum gauge products that I routinely buy from InstruTech are as reliable or more than similar previous gauges that I have purchased and they are less expensive, which helps my bottom line. Also the sales/customer service personnel are always there and available and are friendly and are very responsive. Also, products lead times are always supportive of my production schedules.”
Manufacturer of leak detection systems
„InstruTech has been great from the start. The sales engineer really understood their instruments and my needs, which allowed him to do a very good job of recommending the right vacuum gauge instrumentation for me. The price was very reasonable, delivery time was fast, and installation was made easy through the real-time support they gave me.”
Manufacturer of optical lenses
„I was looking for convection and Ionization gauges and I found them from InstruTech! The instruments are a snap to set up and the customer service has been wonderful!! Thanks InstruTech for making it easy.”
Space research organization