AGC302 Single Channel Active Gauge Controller



The AGC302 vacuum gauge controller is a power supply and readout instrument offered specifically for the InstruTech active vacuum gauge series WGM701 pirani-cold cathode combination gauge, CCM502 cold cathode gauge, PCM301 pirani-capacitance combination gauge, CDM900 capacitance diaphragm gauge (CDG) and other brands of CDGs. Note that the vacuum gauges listed above do not necessarily require the AGC302 to operate. These gauges provide analog output signals that can be directly interfaced with user’s control system. As such, AGC302 is recommended only when a panel/rack mount display installation and/or when setpoint relays and serial communications is required for the above gauges.


  • Compatible with InstruTech active vacuum gauges series WGM701, CCM502, PCM301 and CDM900
  • Also compatible with other InstruTech active vacuum gauge series CVM201, CVM211, CCM501, IGM401 and IGM402
  • Space saving 1/8 DIN housing
  • Bright OLED digital display
  • User programmable display units in Torr, mbar, Pa
  • 1 analog output, 2 setpoint relays
  • RS232 / RS485 serial communications
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Outstanding warranty of 5 years