Research Applications

Vacuum Measurement Instrumentation


InstruTech offers a range of vacuum measurement instrumentation that meet the demands of today‚Äôs research and development institutions. New developments in vacuum technology providefor enhanced scientific understanding, technical innovation and new products. Vacuum is used for research projects in universities, national laboratories and accelerators as well as in such diverse industries as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotech, freeze drying, high energy physics, surface analysis and material sciences.

Examples of vacuum related research include:

  • Particle physics where the need for clean, highly evacuated beam lines and chambers has always been a challenge.
  • Fundamental research in nuclear physics.
  • Renewable energy where researchers develop better and more efficient fuel cells and solar products.
  • Space simulation chambers and astrophysics.
  • Health care where gene sequencing and protein research are analyzed through improved methods of mass spectrometry.
  • Pharmaceuticals where researchers continue to develop more effective and personalized drugs.