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Vacuum Measurement Instrumentation


Vacuum processes play a key role in many scientific instruments, especially those which use electron or ion beams for their analytical or imaging techniques. Low pressures allow charged particles to travel freely and interact with samples without colliding with air molecules. InstruTech vacuum gauges and controllers offer superior performance and exceptional reliability to meet these requirements.

Some types of vacuum based instrumentation include:

  • Mass Spectrometry – an analytical method that measures the atomic mass of charged particles which helps determine the identity of the sample being analyzed. Innovations in vacuum technology are contributing to the success in this field of analytical instrumentation.
  • Electron Microscopy and surface analysis – a method of measurements using electron beams to enhance optical post-magnification. This is used for quality assurance in the semiconductor industry due to significantly higher magnifications and resolution.
  • Leak detection – a quality assurance method to identify where leaks are occurring. This is useful to a variety of different areas such as automotive industry, air conditioning and refrigeration, vacuum chambers or vacuum packaging.