InstruTech is a world class designer and manufacturer of vacuum measurement and control instrumentation whose products are used in numerous industrial vacuum processes.

Our Mission

To provide superior and technologically advanced vacuum measurement and control instrumentation at very attractive prices backed by exceptional customer service. We conduct all business affairs in a professional and efficient manner, with integrity, and with an uncompromising commitment to product quality, customer service and technical leadership.


InstruTech was founded in 2002 in Longmont, Colorado – USA. With InstruTech’s close proximity to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), University of Colorado and various other local vacuum and flow measurement related industries, we have developed our core competencies from a talented pool of scientists, researchers, engineers and a highly skilled work force to help meet the everyday challenges of achieving our mission. Our founders have been designing and manufacturing vacuum measurement and control instrumentation for over three decades. It is this experience that has allowed us to develop some of the most advanced and yet affordable vacuum measurement devices available today.


InstruTech’s operations are based on lean concepts with controlled processes designed to eliminate waste throughout the organization. Controlled processes have been deployed utilizing the principals of continuous improvement, waste elimination and defect analysis. Operations employ well proven practices such as capacity planning, kanban materials management system, controlled work instructions, mistake proofing Poka-yoke devices, etc. This results in a highly efficient manufacturing system capable of shipping high quality products within a few days of receiving orders and thus helping our customers reduce their overall inventory and operating costs.

Customer Service

At InstruTech customer service is our business. Our dedicated sales and Technical Support staff has a mandate to immediately respond to all phone inquiries and to respond to all e-mail inquiries within a few hours during normal business hours. Our customer service protocol is to understand the customer’s needs and their processes, to provide standard or custom solutions, to be flexible, and to respond to all inquiries in a timely and professional manner. We believe we not only deliver world class products but also world class customer service as noted by some of our customer testimonials listed in the “Hear what our customers have to say” section of this web site.