Instrutech vacuum gauges, controllers and modules provide highly reliable vacuum measurement and control solutions for a wide range of industrial vacuum processes including:

  • Industrial WorkerSemiconductor - (PVD, CVD, ALD, Implant, Etch, MBE, MOCVD, Metrology, Lithography...)
  • Thin Film Deposition - (Glass, Web, Optical, Solar, Display Coatings...)
  • Darte Storage - (Manufacturing of CDs, DVDs, disk drives...)
  • Flat Panel Displays - (LCD chamber pump-down, thin film coatings...)
  • Government and Academia - (National Research Labs, Universities, Accelerators, High energy physics, Nanofabrication, Aerospace, Surface and material sciences...)   
  • Analytical - (Life Sciences, Chemical Analysis, Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography, NMR...)
  • Process Vacuum - (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, Freeze drying...)
  • Industrial - (Vacuum furnaces, Leak detection, General vacuum...)
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