FlexRax 4000 FAQ

What type of vacuum gauge sensors can the FlexRax operate?
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The FlexRax can operate classic size Bayard-Alpert (B-A) glass or nude Ionization gauges, InstruTech’s IGM400 hot cathode ionization gauge module, CCM500 cold cathode ionization gauge modules and CVG101 worker bee convection vacuum gauges. It can also display measurements from two capacitance diaphragm gauges.
What is the measurement range of the FlexRax?
2.00E-11 to 1,000 Torr
2.70E-11 to 1,333 mbar
2.7E-09 Pa to 133 kPa

Is the FlexRax rack-mountable?
Yes. The FlexRax is a 19-inch wide, 2U, full-rack design.
How many gauges can the FlexRax operate at the same time?
Total of 10.
Up to 2 classic size Bayard-Alpert (B-A) glass or nude Ionization gauges
Up to 2 InstruTech IGM400 or CCM500 ionization gauge modules
Up to 4 convection enhanced Pirani gauges
Up to 2 capacitance diaphragm gauges. (CDG power supply not provided by FlexRax)
How do I connect the FlexRax to the vacuum gauge sensors?
You need to acquire the cable assemblies offered by InstruTech.
What gauge cable lengths are available?
The standard cable lengths are 10 ft, 25 ft and 50 ft. InstruTech can provide longer cable assemblies if needed.
What is the power requirement of the FlexRax?
100-240 Vac, 50/60Hz, nominal, universal input power - 600 VA operating.
What are the available output signals from the FlexRax?
Up to 8 analog outputs, Up to 16 setpoint relays and RS232 / RS485 serial communications.
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