What type of vacuum gauge sensor can the VGC301 operate?
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The VGC301 can operate the InstruTech CVG101 Worker Bee convection or your existing Granville-Phillips® Convectron® vacuum gauge sensor.
What is the measurement range of the VGC301?
1.00E-04 to 1,000 Torr
1.30E-04 to 1,333 mbar
1.30E-02 Pa to 133 kPa
How many vacuum gauges can the VGC301 operate?
The VGC301 is a single channel convection gauge controller.
Is the VCG301 rack-mountable?
Yes. The VGC301 is of the 1/8 DIN design and can be installed in a rack using the appropriate hardware.
How do I connect the VGC301 to the CVG101 sensor?
You need to acquire the cable assemblies offered by InstruTech.
What gauge cable lengths are available?
The standard cable lengths are 10 ft, 25 ft and 50 ft. InstruTech can provide longer cable assemblies if needed.
What is the power requirement of the VGC301?
The VGC301 is powered by user supplied 12 to 28 Vdc, 2 W, or by InstruTech series PS301 optional power supplies.
What are the available output signals from the VGC301?
1 analog output, 2 setpoint relays and RS232 / RS485 serial communications.
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